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Mensaje  -=AR=-SadMan Lun 06 Abr 2009, 19:10

El dia 26 de Abril a las 1900 hora española los BCs van a realizar un SHOW en vivo.

Same basic rules than last time :

- Blue base will be reserved for BC flying pilots

- All the other bases (green) will be made to stock the spectators. No take will be possible from those bases so ne need to ask to ppl not to take off Wink .

- Using Shift F2 or ctrl F2 , you will have a few static cameras to watch. One of them is directly in the public behind the fences of public area. Dont hesitate to use normal view instead of wide view when aircrafts are far.

- The server will be Closed with another password 10 minute before the beginning which will be at 17h15 GMT (19h15 France) , so come in before it closes !

- The show length for about 30 min. You may exit anytime you want, but you wont be able to re-enter because of the pass.

- A Teamspeak will be set for the show.
2 rooms :
- the "main frequency" is used by BC who are the only able to speak. Other can hear only ;
- the spectators room : made for those who prefer to chat during the show and not hear the leader orders .here will be a room for BC and spextators who want to hear (able to hear but wont be able to talk).
The ip will be given later.

- If you want to launch tracks , do it before the take off as it causes lags."

La fecha es 26 Abril 1900 os confundais( la cambiaron).

Recordad que debeis solicitales la password para el show u os quedareis fuera.

Si no habeis ido nunca a ninguna DEMO IL2 en real time, os resultara interesante y divertida.Ademas BCs sabe lo que se hace y seguro que daran un gran espectaculo.


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