A nice fly, with an old friend

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A nice fly, with an old friend

Mensaje  -=AR=-SadMan el Dom 11 Dic 2011, 15:41

I was lucky cause I found BC Neveu and I could fly with him today.
He is member of the BlueComets from France, a great aerobatic team that I hope restart their duty as soon as posible, cause they are one of the oldest and more respected teams on IL2 aerobatic comunnity.

If you want you may visit them here: http://www.bluecomets-forum.c.la/

Some screenshots of the duo fly:

Mercy Neveu, keep BCs alive!!!


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Re: A nice fly, with an old friend

Mensaje  -=AR=-ManOWar el Dom 11 Dic 2011, 21:23

Nice pics!!! Smile

Hope see soon again BC flying around virtual sky.



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